European Journal for State-Church Research

Band 6 (1999)




Luc Vervliet, L'Église et l'État en Belgique en 1998

Frands Ole Overgaard, Church and State in Denmark in 1998

Peter Garde, Denmark. The Snedsted Trial Concluded

Richard Puza, Le droit allemand des religions en 1998

James Casey, Church and State in Ireland in 1998

Charalambos K. Papastathis, Church and State in Greece in 1998

Agustín Motilla, Church and State in Spain in 1998

Jean-Paul Durand, Droit civil ecclésiastique français en 1998-1999

Francis Messner, Le droit local des cultes alsacien-mosellan en 1998

Pierre-Henri Prélot, Droit français des religions

Daniela Jouvenal Long, Church and State in Italy in 1998

Alexis Pauly, Religions et Etat au Grand-Duche de Luxembourg en 1998

Sophie C. van Bijsterveld, Church and State in the Netherlands in 1998

Richard Potz, Church and State in Austria in 1998

José António Teles Pereira, Religious Freedom in Portugal. Last Developments

Jura Seppo, Church and State in Finland in 1998

Lars Friedner, Church and State in Sweden in 1998

J. David McClean, Church and State in Britain in 1998

Jean Duffar, Liberté de religion et droit européen en 1998

Jolanta Kuznecoviene, Church and State in Lithuania

Peter Erdö, Balázs Schanda, Church and State in Hungary. An Overview of Legal Questions

Michal Pietrzak, La situation juridique des communautés religieuses en Pologne contemporaine

Timur Sinuraya, Constitutional Foundation of the Religious Freedom in Russia vs Registration of Religious Associations under the law of 1997

Gjergj Sinani, The Religious Phenomenon in Albania

Jean-Guy Sarkis, Les caractčres de la légitimité dans les états pluri-confessionnels orientaux

Pieter Coertzen, Church and State in South Africa in 1998

Iván C. Ibán, The European Consortium for Church-State Research. Notes for a Future History